Weapon Armor Cloak Trinket




  •  Weapon
    • PATK, MATK
  •  Armor
    • PDEF
  •  Cloak
    • MDEF
  •  Trinket
    • HP



Enhance AchievementEdit

  • Enhance Achievement:

Different Essence is used to unlock different equipment. The essence can be obtained from Babel Tower. It is also distinguished via color. You should also enhance your equipment so you can unlock more.



  • The upgrade of a hero’s attributes should be realized overall via foster, train, rebirth, heroic achievement, equipment enhance, felstone, war soul, etc. Among these, equipment enhancing is always the hottest one. But the players with high level aren’t satisfied with it anymore if they want to carry on in long expedition, let alone we have extended the map. Here goes the new function: Refine. This is a different function which brings you fantastic experience.
  • Introduction:

This function is open for certain level, e.g. Lv.160. You can find it in the Equipment Function or Daily Events.


  • Now let’s see what it is like.

Please ignore the abundant, awesome resource in game; it is just for testing and explaining.


In the picture, you can see the Blacksmith named Os in the upper left corner. If you are not satisfied with the current blacksmith, you can refresh it manually. But it will cost 100 gold each time but the refresh gold won’t increase. The blacksmith popes up randomly. You can see the strength of the blacksmith from the color of their names (white<green<blue<gold<violet<red). Different blacksmith is endowed with different stats. Some blacksmith can level up the success rate while others can refine crit rate. This depends on your choice. The black smith will refresh automatically per 8 hours. So you can’t use one blacksmith forever.

  • Click to choose:

Now you can see the original refine level and next refine level. It refines the stat of the equipment, like HP, PATK, MATK, etc. The material consumed you might care about mostly, like refined stone, can be obtained from Babel Tower.

  • The resource obtained from Babel Tower:

The higher you fight in Babel tower, the more resource you get.


When it refines to 9, the resource needed is more. Multicolored stone and Ancient Blood crystal are needed which can also be obtained from Babel Tower. Ancient Blood can be obtained from Elite; while multicolored stone can be gained from NO.41. Floor.


  • Refine Achievement: 

Can you see the amazing blinking around the equipment? Different achievement has different color.


  • Refine Inherit:

Different kinds of equipment can inherit to each other but only higher refine level can inherit to lower refine lever. If both equipment have refined, inherit will one covers the other. Before you inherit, you can preview it in case.