War Soul Starpath Edit

  • In War Soul Starpath, you can get war soul and raw soul. There are 7 trials. The rank is classified by color: White, Green, Blue, Gold, Violet, and Red (white is lowest).

 Name: Power, Intellect, HP, Rage, Dodge, Counter, Crit Rating, Crit damage, Hit, Accuracy.and media, correcting errors, or updating the formatting.


  • Fire-fiend Trial:

Frost Wolf War Soul (white)       Attr: Hit+1%

Wyrmrest War Soul (white)       Attr: Accuracy+1%

Tattered War Soul (green)        Attr: Hit+1%

Fearlessness War Soul (green)     Attr: Accuracy+1%

Drift Sand War Soul (blue)        Attr: Hit+1%

Vengeance War Soul (blue)       Attr: Accuracy+1%

Nether Wing War Soul (yellow)    Attr: Hit+1%

Oracle War Soul (yellow)         Attr: Accuracy+1%


Heart Demon Trial:

Space Void War Soul (purple)     Attr: Hit+1%

Crazy Heart War Soul (purple)    Attr: Accuracy+1%

Glory War Soul (red)            Attr: Hit+1%

Dragon Roar War Soul (red)      Attr: Accuracy+1%

  • Ws1

Tips for War Soul:

Only the two War Souls with lvl. 15 can be combined into red War Soul. The same kind of War Souls will combine into a same kind of War Soul. Different War Soul will combine into a War Soul at random.

Accuracy war soul is better equipped on heroes whose attribute is Mage. Hit war soul is better equipped on heroes whose attribute is Warrior.

If the Mage already has accuracy attribute, accuracy war soul still increase this talent. If the Warrior already has hit attribute, hit war soul still increase this talent. If your accuracy is above the counter of the rival Mage, no need to increase your accuracy. If your hit is above the dodge of the rival Warrior, no need to increase your hit.

Accuracy VS Counter. Hit VS Dodge.